What if you could know if your product would work before you invested your budget in it?


The Client

A group of entrepreneurs approached us to help them put together a technology piece that would power their new business idea for the healthcare sector. It was fresh and well thought, although there was not much more than words and a few diagrams to describe it. The request was to make a proposal of work to get the app up and running. In turn, we intended to go a step back, before materializing the app, to see how users responded to the client’s idea and improve it upon the feedback.

The Challenges

Despite our long experience in the healthcare sector, this project, which was led by an MD, put us to the test on how well we could build a solution that solved many pain points for physicians. The main challenge was to get in the shoes of the user and truly understand the complexities of their day-to-day work.

The Solution

To achieve our goal, we needed to feel the pain of the potential user. The key to the solution was making the appropriate research. In this case, we aimed to analyze the workflow of our users, understanding the data they work with, relating directly with their challenges, and realizing the sensitivity of their daily decisions. This was achieved by a thorough discovery process that consisted in interviews, data research, user personification, among other activities.

Areas we covered
  • UI UX Designs
  • Design Thinking

The Result

Our delivery product allowed them to visualize the product and feel the experience of the workflow that was put together for a fraction of the project budget. By doing this, we also anticipated problems and corrected them before writing a single line of code. Furthermore, the client was able to execute a testing phase using no more than the delivered prototypes, which greatly facilitated the product validation within its potential users. Ultimately, this process saved the client a significant amount of time and money by allowing them to visualize what needed to be done before starting a development phase.