How can Healthcare be revolutionized? CareAngel does it through Al and Voice.



It is an Intelligent Virtual Nurse Assistant that uniquely manages population health engagement at scale based on technologies such as AI to provide continuous healthcare management. In addition to this, it monitors and communicates with every patient from chronic and acute conditions in order to accomplish disease prevention.

The Challenges

Who knows best what they need and what they are expecting? You, the clients. That is why, with CareAngel, we have helped them since the inception of the idea, working together to define the business needs, to identify the ideal technology for them and adapt the solution for each new Healthcare customer. The main challenges have been the design of a flexible, intuitive, scalable solution that complies with Health Security Standards (HIPAA), along with the implementation of different AI solutions for voice detection and recognition, and interaction telephony requirements, among others.

Areas we covered
  • Web development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • UI UX Designs
  • QA
  • Big Data

The Results

Nowadays, CareAngel is being used by some of the main companies in the health area such as United Health Group (UHG), Elite Health and AARP, among others. Using CareAngel meant a significant change in this area because it allowed these companies to generate a new experience in patient care, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • +64k Careangel Patients
  • +91k Monthly Calls