Ramping up LentesPlus.com's customer experience with Magento Commerce


The Client

LentesPlus.com is an online contact lens store that operates in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. Their team hired us to upgrade their e-commerce platform. They were using Magento Open Source 1.9 and they intended to upgrade to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud to improve the functionalities for their clients as well as for themselves, and ameliorate productivity.

The Challenges

This Ecommerce project was already technically demanding because of the scale and complexity. It consisted of four sites (one for each region) with multiple integrations and unique features for each. Additionally, the previous website was in constant evolution making it hard to ever catch-up with an up-to-date feature offering.

The Solution

In order to accomplish a successful project we needed to move fast enough to get up to speed with their live site and be flexible enough to attend a moving list of requirements. To do this we used an agile methodology with a team of nine people. Agile allowed us to tackle the requirements in a more organized way and adapt to the changes as they were presented. By the time we were close enough to flipping the switch, we proposed a freeze in their current site that let us prepare for a steady migration. This was organized into a full two-week sprint that concluded in a smooth transition.

Project high level view
  • Multi-website architecture (4 sites)
  • Magento 2.3 Frontend and backend
  • Customized functionalities
  • Full ERP integration
  • Company process automation

The Result

A project that was technically and methodologically demanding was tackled with great client satisfaction and ended with a swift go-live. Many months later we continue our efforts together with LentesPlus to improve their site and boost their sales.