Kuru Footwear

From challenged sales to record revenue in 2 months.


The Client

Kuru is an online-only footwear retail store founded in 2008. In 2018 Kuru migrated their Magento 1 store into a new Magento 2 platform. The build was problematic and had Kuru struggling with the site for 2 years. Issues were found all around including the checkout having a direct impact in sales. Overall, the malfunctions were having a heavy toll on Kuru’s revenue that needed to be urgently fixed.

The Challenges

Working on a site developed by a different company always brings challenges. There is a learning curve to understand how the system was architected, with what purpose, and using which tools. Doing so on a site with issues that had a direct hit in revenue meant we had to deliver results faster than usual. The backlog of tasks that Kuru had lined-up was long and would take a significant workload to deliver completely. The client was also cautious about the investment since cash flow was not at its best.

The Solution

Kuru was given a small team of certified Magento developers that could deliver quick solutions to problems on a daily basis. With a part-time assignment, our team was able to tackle multiple items every day and deliver weekly progress with improvements. Really soon, Kuru started to see more stable traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Project high level view
  • Magento 2.1&2.3 Frontend and backend
  • Customized functionalities
  • Site Performance & Google Web Core Vitals

The Result

Within little time, Kuru had reached a point in which the site could provide as it used to. By the 6 month mark of working with us, they noticed they were on their way to hit record revenue figures for the year. Additionally, costs of development had dropped enormously making our partnership extremely profitable. With such tangible results they started to gain trust on us and asked for more services including design, analytics services, and QA.