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Why outsource to Uruguay

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Technology has become a key differentiator piece of any growing business. Today, software development is seen as a business driver and can lead your value proposition. It is a tool to shape your business in the many forms it may take, changing the customer experience you are providing, and a tool that gives you data to make informed business decisions. This is why we understand that when hiring someone to develop technology for your business, you are putting a lot in their hands.  

When needing a technological solution, choosing a provider to carry it out is not easy. Many times, what you need does not respond to a technological problem itself, but to a much wider business necessity that could be solved in many ways. Therefore, you need more than someone that develops the software solution you are looking for. You need a company that works aligned with your business objectives, that guides their work as if they were part of your business, and works together with your team, as a team. In a nutshell; more than a technology provider, a technology partner you can trust an important part of your business with, we understand that. 

This decision will impact the accomplishment of your business goals, your team’s day-to-day workflow, and the extent to which your investment will be profitable. Of course you will face many doubts and uncertainties amidst the different options to consider, among which you will find outsourcing. Many companies are saving a lot of money working with worldwide distributed teams, as well as time, efforts, and costs in Human Resources, administration, equipment, and infrastructure, that makes outsourcing a tempting option. What should you expect when outsourcing to Uruguay?

Good everyday workflow

Given that our culture and the United States’ are alike, that is to say, that we share similar beliefs, habits, and lifestyles, our talent fluently understands and works day by day with people in the US. In addition to this, we can easily align our schedules to work and communicate at the same time and at convenient hours, as in Uruguay we are only an hour ahead of the east coast of the US. Different from working with companies from Asia or Eastern Europe, that may have up to a 12 hour difference with the US. This avoids miscommunication problems, teamwork difficulties, slow response times, as well as other issues that may affect the project’s quality and how much time it takes, that may be related to its cost.


Highly qualified talent

In Uruguay there are high level engineering schools, which give clients special confidence that they are hiring well prepared professionals with good capabilities. In our country, children study with computers at public schools as there is a program to give free Wi-Fi and laptops to pupils, so that they are in touch and updated with technology from an early age. What is more, they learn English at schools and are encouraged to sit for international exams, which results in an extended knowledge of the language in the country. According to an inquiry conducted by The National Institute of Statistics (INE) and Uruguay XXI (2019), English is the foreign language best known by Uruguayans, spoken by 56% of the people surveyed. 

Competitive rates

In comparison with talent from the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, among other countries, we offer more competitive rates, which helps you lower costs or do more with the same budget.

Logistics facilities

Our infrastructure, internet capacity, as well as our social, political, and economical stability are convenient for clients, as they cannot risk having their project interrupted or losing everything at the cost of competitive rates. According to Uruguay XXI (2020), Uruguay is number 1 in Latin America in internet download speed, in adoption of IT, and in internet penetration. 

In particular, Onetree is distinguished by its talent: our collaborators have a good level of English, are highly educated and qualified, and are in constant training to stay updated with the industry’s innovations and demands. When it comes to staffing for the US, we keep a significant focus on our client turnover rate. We also measure how many come back and rehire us. All this has been proof of our excellent work over the years and has shown us that working with us is truly beneficial for clients who obtain high quality services at logical and affordable prices. 

From the business model perspective, we offer other advantages in addition to those mentioned till now. If you are looking to hire professionals and form your own team, you will need an adequate infrastructure: provide your collaborators with computers and other necessary equipment, send them their payments, which is not easy living in different countries with different regulations, especially in Latin American markets you may not be familiar with. In Onetree we sort out all this and other related needs for you. For us, providing collaborators whose work satisfies our clients’ needs and project’s expectations is a priority. If this is not the case, we give our customers a lot of flexibility to rotate collaborators without any extra charge. Instead, if they were on their own and one of their collaborators did not satisfy their project’s needs, they would have to take care of all the process by themselves. Look for a new resource, which takes time, fire the person who did not meet their expectations, with the economic and legal difficulties that come with being in different countries, making the new collaborator familiar with the project’s needs, goals, workflow, methodology, and so on. As a whole, our solution takes care of all these economical, legal, logistic, and administrative complexities for the client and safely provides teams with useful and qualified talent, which is what most of our clients find fascinating. 

There is a key element for us at Onetree that directly impacts our talent’s performance in your project, something that connects your satisfaction with theirs. We have successfully achieved an important sense of belonging in our team, which boosts motivation and makes each collaborator work on every project as if it was their own creation.


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Sofía Acher Communication Specialist   •  Linkedin
Felipe Carrera VP of Business Development   •  Linkedin