University of Michigan

Improving quality of life through technology.


The Client

The University of Michigan’s Clinical Pharmacy Department was in development of an application that detected and monitored chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy on cancer treated patients. This was done by analyzing how subjects walked – particularly gait and balance – and their finger coordination. We were invited to develop version 2 of the iOS app and its integration to the Medable platform that lived in the backend.

The Challenges

Thanks to iOS we were able to leverage Apple Research Kit for the assessments. However, this offered certain limitations on how we could customize the functionalities and workflow. Apple Research Kit constrained us to certain flows that did not match the client requirements.

Areas we covered
  • UI UX Designs
  • iOS Development
  • iOS Development

The Result

The project was developed within the scheduled time and within budget although having to agree on functional requirements during the development phase. We are currently planning with the University of Michigan the development of future projects to allow them to push their research to new levels.