Work related reflections July 31,  2020

Why a blog?

For 10 years, we have been dedicated to solving business problems through software design and development, and thus offering exceptional product solutions that improve the quality of life for our users. Today, as a company that is growing and becoming a more family-like workspace, we are eager to step up, go beyond, and take on further commitments. Therefore, we have created this multimedia space with the main objective of opening a channel of exchange, reflection, and growth. With this blog we aim to give visibility to ideas that flow and arise from our teams while working on projects to ultimately make the most of the final deliverable.

Every time a project is undertaken, the approach is primarily structural and always has a wide range of colors. These include successful business cases, satisfied customers, and the certainty that we are on the right track, and, in many cases, it can also lead to an infinite number of doubts. Since this initiative is about continual growth and improvement, asking questions, debating ideas, and listening to feedback, it allows us to evolve as a company and as a team. This is the advantage when you work with a comprehensive and cross functional team.

Additionally, issues such as creativity, the inclusion of older generations in teams full of millennials, the role of women in IT, and what we recommend for the effective use of databases, can frequently become a problem. This spectrum is as large as our own limitations allow for. Consequently, this space is intended to create a connecting thread between ideas and people that seek to change realities or problematic issues that are sometimes blurred by everyday enthusiasm.

We deeply hope that you can find here a space for exchange, the comfort to talk and express yourself, the right conditions for debate, and information to discover new concepts not visible at first sight. We invite you to, together with us, go beyond the norms and the strictly technical, to finally give a place for ideas.