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What do you use to oversee and carry out your projects? The Infrastructure and Energy Sector (INE) conceptualizes, prepares, and supports the execution and supervises the IDB’s operations related to energy, transport, as well as water and sanitation. One of the objectives of the Transport Division is to pilot the incorporation of new digital technologies to improve the monitoring and execution of the project involving not only the project team but also the community.

The Challenges

How could we help them achieve this objective in the easiest and best way? We decided to design and develop a new platform inspired in the building information modeling (BIM). It combines the use of mobile technologies, images captured by drones and a unified project management platform to track and monitor all the project activities.

Areas we covered
  • Web/Mobile development
  • Business Analysis
  • UI UX Designs
  • QA

The Results

Infradynamics was considered convenient and therefore used by different road construction projects and other mobility solutions of the IDB's transport division. Thanks to its flexibility and reliability it is being analyzed how to use the platform in projects in other areas or divisions such as energy and education.