Identify strengths and weakness of your company.



How can aspects to enhance and aspects to work on be identified? Doerio is an ambitious initiative that wants to combine Project & Task Management, Resource Management, and the people recognition process on one platform. This is accomplished by rating its members as they complete tasks over time, allowing Doerio's comprehensive reporting features to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, so that the former are maximized and the later mitigated.

The Challenges

We have been working together with Doerio’s team defining the User Experience (Flows, Wireframes, and Visual Designs) and the User Stories in order to generate the backlog for the development team. In addition to this, we have defined the solution architecture as well as Azure services and assembled a team that completed in a really tight timeframe all the necessary features to launch the product.

Areas we covered
  • Web development
  • Business Analysis
  • UI UX Designs
  • QA

The Results

Not only government entities but also multiple companies in Puerto Rico found this platform useful and are implementing it. As well, we have designed and developed 2019’s product roadmap.