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Potentiating E-commerce Digital Transformation

Potentiating E-commerce Digital Transformation with Onetree and Adobe Commerce

In todays’ business landscape, a revolution driven by technology’s growing influence and shifting consumer preferences is underway. In this dynamic environment, where Ecommerce has evolved from an option to a necessity, Onetree is a strategic ally for companies aiming to harness the full potential of digital transformation through the Adobe Commerce platform (formerly Magento). Adapting

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Artificial Intelligence: Unveiling it to understand and reflect

Image by Fiorella Nario, UI/UX Designer at Onetree Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing many aspects of our lives and making us reflect a lot. There are more and more tools emerging every day, there are talks about Artificial Intelligence in relation to other aspects: How does it relate to each discipline? How does it impact

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Enhanced Ecommerce: Data is your business’ gold

Enhanced Ecommerce (EEC) is a Google Analytics functionality, which gives companies an opportunity to get better insights in the shopping behavior of their users. When we compare EEC with standard Ecommerce implementation – the main advantage is that we get access to a lot of new valuable reports (Maxlead, 2017). This extra data allows companies

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How can People Experience help your teams

When you are looking for a software partner or a team of developers, designers, QA analysts, among others, you expect a qualified and professional team as well as to avoid having to take care of administrative tasks. To form a high-performance team for your company, we base on the People Experience concept, which is a

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Live Search: Artificial Intelligence as a new player in the game.

Live Search is Adobe Commerce’s new and improved search engine. It replaces ElasticSearch while introducing artificial intelligence features that can improve search results by considering each user’s context. In this article we will share our expertise for you to get to know Live Search as well as some tips and tricks for you to easily

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