Our Approach

From the beginning to the end, our process is unique and personalized to match our customers’ objectives and success.

We Plan

And understand the process
We work with the customer prioritizing the features according to their value, grouping in periodic deliverables allowing them to experience the product throughout the project.

We Design

Thinking in the user as the main focus
Once we understood the concept, the challenge is to translate it into a design that connects to the user on an emotional and functional level. We consider every time a user experience that should be reviewed and challenged from multiple viewpoints.

We Develop

And assure quality
We made sure to develop the product design the team had imagined, taking care of every detail of the experience defined.

We Deliver

Thinking since the first day
Delivery is as important as the quality of the developed solution. We understand the importance of delivering on time and opportunity cost. We think in delivering since the first day so that everything is ready from infrastructure to the content. For us, the project does not end at this point, either in maintaining or takeover of another team, we work with the same passion.

At Onetree we count on a very professional, passionate and dedicated multidisciplinary team that helps us achieve our clients’ goals on a timely manner

Fernando Fraga - Senior Project Manager

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