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How can People Experience help your teams

When you are looking for a software partner or a team of developers, designers, QA analysts, among others, you expect a qualified and professional team as well as to avoid having to take care of administrative tasks. To form a high-performance team for your company, we base on the People Experience concept, which is a

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Why outsource to Uruguay

Technology has become a key differentiator piece of any growing business. Today, software development is seen as a business driver and can lead your value proposition. It is a tool to shape your business in the many forms it may take, changing the customer experience you are providing, and a tool that gives you data

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Why has todays’ reality changed the role of e-commerce in your business?

Increasing amounts of organizations are being created leaning on innovative e-commerce-based business models and it is said that traditional retail stores will disappear someday (Jimenez, Valdes and Salinas, 2019). Fortunes are being made and some of the most powerful companies in the world have embraced e-commerce as their main channel to reach their customers. There

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