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Artificial Intelligence: Unveiling it to understand and reflect

Image by Fiorella Nario, UI/UX Designer at Onetree Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing many aspects of our lives and making us reflect a lot. There are more and more tools emerging every day, there are talks about Artificial Intelligence in relation to other aspects: How does it relate to each discipline? How does it impact

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Digital Accessibility: Make the difference in your digital products

In wide terms, accessibility is the capability of accessing something, either a service, a benefit, or another. The most common is the physical sphere, for example accessing the city; there are rules that specify how an environment should be for people to access it. Accessibility has evolved over time, a long time ago people who

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The secret sauce behind great digital products: Design Systems

Why is a design system important for your organization? Investment, consistency, and scalability. Let us delve into them one by one. A design system really helps to save money in the development process in the long term. Why? Well defined businesses’ requirements allow designers and developers to build faster and better. Levitt says in “Design

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